Major African Insurer Refuses to Cover ‘Risky’ Crypto Mining Equipment

By CCN Markets: One of Africa’s largest insurers, Old Mutual, has announced it will no longer cover crypto mining equipment due to lack of regulation. After researching the industry, the Pan-Africanist financial group discovered a number of reasons that prompted it to make the decision that will not sit well with crypto miners. According to a local report, Old Mutual is convinced that the cryptocurrency industry is associated with cybercrime while the equipment used for crypto mining is highly modified and operates on a 24/7 basis, making it susceptible to malfunctions such as overheating. Old Mutual won’t cover crypto mining
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Privacy is the new order – or the newest privacy trend set by IMpulse K1 Phone

IMpulse K1 is a KaratGold Coin-fueled blockchain-based mobile phone featuring loads of cutting-edge solutions. It is released by Karatbars.

Its main feature is the native support of the VoBP (Voice-over-Blockchain Protocol). Gadget’s owners will be able to leverage the advantages of a decentralized peer-to-peer network to securely transmit voice messages as well as text, media, and documents. End-to-end encryption safeguards your information from hackers and other third parties.

All your data is stored on IPFS (Interplanetary file storage) that lets you access your photos, videos, and docs from any place in the world through a secure connection.
IMpulse K1 uses Electronic Warfare Transmitted Location (EWTL) system for sharing your current location with trusted persons via a serverless environment.
By using the latest technological advancements, IMpulse K1 represents a massively secure mobile phone which satisfies the demands of people looking for maximizing their security. There is no need to worry about third parties monitoring your actions or accessing your personal data that fully utilizes the ideas lying behind cryptocurrency and blockchain.

There were over 10 companies that promised blockchain integration in their smartphones. However, none of those phones have made it into the production stage. Thus, KaratBars is the first company that really managed to make and produce a real blockchain fueled phone - IMpulse K1 Phone. To read more information check K1 Phone website.
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Security Equals KaratGold Coin

Realities of today’s highly digitalized world entail intensified concerns over the safety of navigating through it. Even the most sophisticated hackers and foul players will have little chance of putting the KaratGold cyber-security system to the test. Our well-versed team is not only in step with hacker’s technological advancement — we are successfully overpassing them. When a client’s cybersecurity is at stake, KaratGold spares no effort in protecting it.

The K-Universe has been designated explicitly by seasoned experts to curtail any possible weak points of our infrastructure and minimize the margin for an error if any should arise. Patently enough, but the idea of secure transaction laid the foundation for the whole concept of KaratGold blockchain. The recipe behind the tamper-proof network is quite simple for understanding, but concomitantly hard for reproducing.
First and foremost, the decentralized peer-to-peer system boosts the quality of the validation process: KaratGold products deliver robust identification and authentication to gain access. Logging of the payment by our blockchain is irreversible and secure for booking and certification. K-Merchant, a brainchild of the unique financial ecosystem, serves as an easily accessible platform for online vendors to trade in cryptocurrency. Notwithstanding its transparency and inclusiveness, the platform demonstrates a highly secure payment gateway mechanism, orchestrated through a robust Application Programming Interface. Practically, user’s security is ensured by effective employment of the programming standards and instructions that enable two systems or pieces of software to interact seamlessly.

Equipped with PCI-DSS compliance, 24/7 fraud monitoring, the constituent elements of KaratGold Imperium dismantles the need for reentering payment information or reiterating complicated algorithms of accepting payments. Thus, making trading comfortable and quick, but not at the expense of safety.
The most popular KaratGold’s product as of now is K-Merchant. Orchestrated through a powerful API, easy-to-integrate and developer-friendly payment gateway allow businesses and online vendors to accept Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment method. The central element of K-Merchant is the irreversible, booking- and certification-secure logging of the payment by the KaratGold blockchain. All it takes is a simple scan by a smartphone. K-Merchant has pre-built customizable modules for the most popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, etc. so that your business doesn’t have to waste time on integration.
A global-scale infrastructure of interrelated products and services for instant cross-border transfers, coined by KaratGold and fueled by its cryptocurrency — the K-Universe, encompasses well-elaborated security features. The list is extensive, although not exhaustive: IPFS Storage, Matrix ID, Electronic Warfare Transmitted Location, Worm Guard, and R-Link turn the smartphone into a portable safe box. Due to the supply on an international level as well as regulation in the financial services sector added to a multi-billion asset, security is an actual reality for Karat’s users. The unique combination of a user-friendly policy with a serious approach to privacy cannot but attract new sources of investment into a company’s development and aggrandizement.
If interested in further research on KaratGold Coin, please, visit our official website:
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Rahul Sood: ‘Bitcoin Is On its Way To Cross $9000.’

Bitcoin has been holding around the $7,900 for some days, and now it seems to have resumed its upward swing above the $8k mark. A lot of people within the crypto community have been waiting for this, with some predicting Bitcoin to hit $10k soon.
According to one Twitter user, Bitcoin is currently setting its next target at $9k, with $10k looking very well on the cards. In a tweet, Rahul Sood expresses a very bullish outlook on Bitcoin. In fact, this translates into a positive notion covering the entire crypto market since positive price action on Bitcoin affects the market across the board.

Bitcoin is on its way to cross $9000. 10K coming up.
— Rahul Sood (@rahulsood) June 12, 2019 To Drive Bitcoin To A New ATH
Rahul’s tweet caught the attention of various Bitcoin fans who decided to pop up and dish out a few opinions in the thread. One follower was of the opinion that the current surge may cause a FOMO and make people rush in to buy Bitcoin before it hits the high prices.
Interestingly, such market developments end up creating more demand for the asset in question, thereby pushing up the price. According to this particular user, the FOMO will lead to Bitcoin recording a new ATH.
Bitcoin has now broken above the $8k mark, with the current market value priced at around $8,100. Bitcoin still holds a strong market dominance at 55.1%, with a total market cap of $143.9 billion and a daily volume of $17.9 billion.
Is 2019 Good For Bitcoin?
Granted, a good majority of Bitcoin fans have had their hopes up for months expecting the crypto to start a serious bull run that’s estimated to reach and possibly surpass the $20k ATH value of December 2017.
One major factor contributing to this spike is Bitcoin’s expected block reward halving that’s to occur in May 2020. If history is anything to go by, Bitcoin’s price has been known to start a spike about a year before each halvening. Well, this could be it.
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Litecoin Defies Fundstrat Analyst’s Green Rating: Retraces below $130

Litecoin is poised for sideways trading in the sessions heading into the weekend.
To avert the bear pressure, LTC/USD must first defend $128 support and push past $130.

Litecoin was given a strong buy signal by one of the leading analysts associated with Fundstrat’s, Tom Lee research firm. The analyst said that with Litecoin breaking above $125 critical resistance, it had launched itself towards a bull rally that was going to break $150.
LTC/USD 1-hour chart
Chart source: Tradingview 
Meanwhile, a look at the chart on Friday shows an opposite correction for the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Litecoin is trading at $129 at press time following a correction from $144 high achieved yesterday.
By failing to find support above $140, LTC/USD opened the Pandora box as bears took advantage of sending Litecoin below a couple of more support levels at $132 and $130. However, the previous resistance level at $128 stood its ground preventing the price from tanking further.
At press time, Litecoin is trading at $129.31 and after correcting lower 1.13% on the day. The price dipped below both the 50 Simple Moving Average (SMA) and the 100 SMA. Losses extended below the trendline support further demoralizing the bulls.
Technically, Litecoin is poised for sideways trading in the sessions heading towards the weekend. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) slopping slightly under the overage means that the trend has a bearish bias. The reducing gap between the moving averages could lead to the 50 SMA crossing below the 100 SMA which will be another indicator for a bearish momentum.
Therefore, Litecoin bulls must first defend $128 support and push for a reversal above $130 in the near term in order to avert the bear pressure that continues to hover around it. Other key support levels to look out for are $125, $120 and $100.
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Litecoin key Technical Indicators
50 SMA: $134.46 – A cross under the 100 SMA will be a bearish signal.
100 SMA: $131.58 – Price crossing above this level is a bullish signal.
RSI: The ranging at $35 points towards consolidation.
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90% of Polish Bitcoin Users are Uber-Bullish Males Under 40: Survey

By CCN Markets: Bitcoin users in Poland are mostly men under the age of 40. Moreover, a whopping 92% of them believe that payments using cryptocurrencies will soon become commonplace. The results were shared by BitPay, the largest multilingual crypto exchange in Europe. BitPay is the most popular crypto platform among Poles. The group surveyed 2,582 cryptocurrency users in Poland and asked them a series of questions, including their gender, age, and other details to get a composite picture of the nation’s crypto community. Bitcoin Users In Poland Are 90% Men The survey indicates that cryptocurrencies are mainly popular among men
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Visa, Paypal Say They’ll Pay $10 Million to Run ‘Facebook Coin’ – Report

Big companies like Visa and PayPal are reportedly willing to pay millions for the privilege of running a node on the Facebook cryptocurrency network.

Facebook’s foray into crypto has been met with mixed reaction. Some are hailing it as the next step in a global financial revolution, while others have expressed concerns over the company’s shady past record when it comes to security, privacy and data abuses.
Nevertheless, U.S. tech and finance giants clearly want a slice of the Facebook crypto pie. According to the Wall Street Journal, a number of financial and e-commerce companies, venture capitalists and telecommunications corporations have already pledged to back the new project.
Big Names Want In On ‘GlobalCoin’
The report added that over a dozen firms, which include Mastercard Inc, Visa Inc, PayPal Holdings Inc, Stripe Inc,, and Uber Technologies Inc, have formed a consortium and agreed to pledge $10 million each to secure governance over the new crypto coin.
It was reported last month that the social media giant was recruiting backers and aimed to raise $1 billion for the crypto project.

The currency dubbed ‘Libra’ or ‘Global Coin’ is expected to be officially announced next week. The stablecoin will be pegged to a basket of government-issued currencies — similar to the IMF’s SDR (special drawing rights) basket of fiat currencies — to avoid the volatility of cryptocurrencies.
The report was not very complimentary of bitcoin stating,
It has been a decade since bitcoin was born, yet consumers hardly use it—or the hundreds of other cryptocurrencies—to pay for things. Facebook is betting it can change that with a crypto-based payments system built around its giant social network and its billions of users.
The usual regulatory concerns have been raised as governments get anxious about the potential for money laundering. According to the WSJ, Facebook won’t exactly control the new coin, neither will the individual members of the consortium, which is known as the Libra Association.
Citing people familiar with the situation, it added that some could serve as nodes for blockchain transaction validation.
Facebook is still the direct developer of the greatly guarded technology so its influence over the coin is likely to be as strong as it has over the data on the social media platform. Just like Google, Facebook has a highly secretive algorithm that determines what users can and cannot see in its news feed.
‘Facebook Coin’ Will Boost Bitcoin
Co-founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital Anthony ‘Pomp’ Pompliano said that the move was especially bullish for Bitcoin adoption considering two of the backers are Visa and Mastercard.

Facebook has secured Visa and MasterCard as two of the backers for their new cryptocurrency.
Very positive signs for future adoption of Bitcoin
— Pomp (@APompliano) June 13, 2019
Participating in the Libra project allows companies like PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard to exert some level of control over the new ‘cryptocurrency’ and its centralized governance. This makes the new coin unlike Bitcoin that’s an open-access cryptocurrency allowing anyone to download the software and run a node.
Therefore, ‘Facebook Coin’ is unlikely to pose any real threat to the future of decentralized peer-to-peer finance. Instead, it already looks to be more like a competitor to banks or even Starbucks Rewards than P2P ‘digital gold.’
Will Facebook crypto be a threat to bitcoin? Add your thoughts below.

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Crypto-Market Update: Bitcoin [BTC] Tests $8300 As Alts ETH, BCH Break Resistance, BNB new ATH

Bitcoin made a significant move above $8000 late on 12th June 2019. The total market capitalization of Bitcoin [BTC] which broke below $150 billion, is currently testing resistance at $8300. Nevertheless, the break above $8000 also instilled renewed confidence among the bulls.
The price of Bitcoin [BTC] at 5: 00 hours UTC on 14th May 2019 is. It is trading higher on a daily scale.
BTC/USD 4-Hour Chart on Coinbase (TradingView)
Litecoin [LTC], Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and Ethereum [ETH]
The rise in Litecoin [LTC] was the highlight of the cryptocurrency markets this week as the speculation around it began with less than 60 days to halving.
Litecoin [LTC] recorded a new yearly high at $145. The rise was witnessed in the past week as Litecoin broke above $100 and continued gaining with massive momentum. The price has corrected to $test $130 levels for the past two days.
LTC/USD 4-Hour Chart on Coinbase (TradingView)
Interestingly, while most altcoins traded slightly in the red on a daily scale, Bitcoin [BTC] and its two most popular forks showed positive volatility. BCH gained 4.5% late on 13th June to record a weekly high at $425. However, it plummeted in the following trading sessions; the price of BCH at 5: 00 hours UTC on 14th June 2019 is.
BCH/USD 4-Hour Chart on Coinbase (TradingView)
Ethereum also broke bullish above $260; the instantaneous rise was influenced by a hike in Bitcoin [BTC]. However, it too corrected as ETH/BTC traded 3% lower on a daily scale. Furthermore, a slight momentum shift towards Bitcoin from altcoins was also visible in the markets.
Binance [BNB] Coin New All-Time High
Binance reached a new All-Time High as the Exchange backed cryptocurrency has been making huge strides since the beginning of the year near about $6. The price breached the 35 dollar mark to record a near 500% rise since the beginning of the year.
BNB/USD 1-Day Chart on TradingView
Binance has become one of the largest brands of the cryptocurrency markets with CEO, CZ, leading the foundation to new heights. The cryptocurrency which is backed by the Exchange, has subsequently benefited from the growth of the Exchange as well.
Most of the other altcoins including XRP, EOS, Stellar and Tron also traded in the red. It was mostly influenced by Bitcoin’s bullish momentum and the rising uncertainty about the future of cryptocurrencies with Facebook’s cryptocurrency announcement on the horizon.
Nevertheless, Bitcoin Futures market has been flourishing as well in 2019, with CME and BitMEX logging record volumes. The much anticipated Bakkt Launch is also due in a couple of months, which is expected to revive investors spirits.
Do you think that Bitcoin’sDominance will increase significantly? Will the bull action continue? Please share your views with us. 
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Italian Retail Deposits Reach All-Time Highs and is Screaming for Bitcoin

By CCN Markets: The Italian government is reportedly trying to be lenient on some forms of hard-to-tax savings, such as that held in safe deposit boxes. Bitcoin could be a viable investment for these retail investors. The reality is that no government can track every dollar – unless they have something like a blockchain to help them. This reality is part of the reason people believe the dawn of cryptocurrency may come at the hands of certain governments, intent on having a traceable monetary supply. For now, governments mostly benefit from there being an unknown amount of counterfeit fiat currency
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Facebook Cryptocurrency: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Uber Among Top Members of Consortium, Report

Reportedly, Facebook Inc. has signed up more than a dozen companies including Visa Inc., MastercardInc. PayPal Holdings Inc. and Uber Inc. These technology companies form a consortium which will find a similarity to XRP or Stellar Lumens validators through the Stellar Foundation. 
Facebook will reveal the model/whitepaper of its cryptocurrency, Libra on 18th June. The Whitepaper is the basic design of any blockchain based token that outlines the protocol, governance model, total supply, inflation characteristics, and the utility.
The essential criteria of any cryptocurrency warrant decentralized control and borderless transactions. While Facebook cryptocurrency is expected to be banned for the nations that the US has put sanctions on, nevertheless, mainly the cryptocurrency will be made available to about $2.3 billion users worldwide. 
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The cryptocurrency will be a stablecoin backed by a basket of FIAT currencies. Hence, there wouldn’t be much speculation around price. Nevertheless, Facebook’s cryptocurrency will have a significant effect on the existing cryptocurrency markets for the good or the worse.
Firstly, it would clear the securitization doubts around many cryptocurrencies, primarily XRP and EOS. Second, it would directly challenge the existing banking system of the world. The borderless payments scheme with storage of stable value has the potential to make Libra a dominant currency. Furthermore, it would also drastically shift the percentage dominance of the top cryptocurrencies.
Read Everything We Know About Facebook’s Cryptocurrency, Libra/GlobalCoin here. 
Do you think that the MCap of Facebook’s stablecoin will surpass Bitcoin’s $150 Billion at the moment? Please share your views with us. 
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