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Realities of today’s highly digitalized world entail intensified concerns over the safety of navigating through it. Even the most sophisticated hackers and foul players will have little chance of putting the KaratGold cyber-security system to the test. Our well-versed team is not only in step with hacker’s technological advancement — we are successfully overpassing them. When a client’s cybersecurity is at stake, KaratGold spares no effort in protecting it.

The K-Universe has been designated explicitly by seasoned experts to curtail any possible weak points of our infrastructure and minimize the margin for an error if any should arise. Patently enough, but the idea of secure transaction laid the foundation for the whole concept of KaratGold blockchain. The recipe behind the tamper-proof network is quite simple for understanding, but concomitantly hard for reproducing.
First and foremost, the decentralized peer-to-peer system boosts the quality of the validation process: KaratGold products deliver robust identification and authentication to gain access. Logging of the payment by our blockchain is irreversible and secure for booking and certification. K-Merchant, a brainchild of the unique financial ecosystem, serves as an easily accessible platform for online vendors to trade in cryptocurrency. Notwithstanding its transparency and inclusiveness, the platform demonstrates a highly secure payment gateway mechanism, orchestrated through a robust Application Programming Interface. Practically, user’s security is ensured by effective employment of the programming standards and instructions that enable two systems or pieces of software to interact seamlessly.

Equipped with PCI-DSS compliance, 24/7 fraud monitoring, the constituent elements of KaratGold Imperium dismantles the need for reentering payment information or reiterating complicated algorithms of accepting payments. Thus, making trading comfortable and quick, but not at the expense of safety.
The most popular KaratGold’s product as of now is K-Merchant. Orchestrated through a powerful API, easy-to-integrate and developer-friendly payment gateway allow businesses and online vendors to accept Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment method. The central element of K-Merchant is the irreversible, booking- and certification-secure logging of the payment by the KaratGold blockchain. All it takes is a simple scan by a smartphone. K-Merchant has pre-built customizable modules for the most popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, etc. so that your business doesn’t have to waste time on integration.
A global-scale infrastructure of interrelated products and services for instant cross-border transfers, coined by KaratGold and fueled by its cryptocurrency — the K-Universe, encompasses well-elaborated security features. The list is extensive, although not exhaustive: IPFS Storage, Matrix ID, Electronic Warfare Transmitted Location, Worm Guard, and R-Link turn the smartphone into a portable safe box. Due to the supply on an international level as well as regulation in the financial services sector added to a multi-billion asset, security is an actual reality for Karat’s users. The unique combination of a user-friendly policy with a serious approach to privacy cannot but attract new sources of investment into a company’s development and aggrandizement.
If interested in further research on KaratGold Coin, please, visit our official website: http://k-merchant.com
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