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For some time now I have experienced quite the frustrating experience when using the Firefox web browser. I have a couple of sites pinned to the Firefox tab bar and every now and then, Firefox would detach a tab from the tab bar instead of activating it when I wanted to switch to that tab.
I cannot really say how that happens, only that it is a frustrating experience as I have to drag the tab from the newly created window back to the main Firefox window. An option to block pinned tabs from being detached from Firefox would be very welcome, but it appears that no such option exists.
The next best thing is a browser extension like Disable Tab Detach 2.
Disable tab detaching in Firefox

Put simply, Disable Tab Detach 2 blocks tab detaching in Firefox. You will notice that you cannot accidentally (or not) detach tabs anymore hen you try to detach a tab from a browser window using drag and drop.
The process resembles that of a rubber band. While you can drag and drop any tab just like before, you will notice that it is catapulted back to the original browser window when you release the mouse button.
The only exception to the rule is when you drag a tab to an existing browser window. Sometimes, you may want to move a tab to another location in the same browser window or another browser window. Both of these operations still work as before.
The developer of the extension recommends that users disable the extension when they want to drag tabs to create a new window. A click on the extension icon toggles its status so that you only have to remember to click on the icon before dragging a tab and clicking it again once you are finished.
The extension comes without any options or preferences that you may set.
Closing Words
Disable Tab Detach 2 is a useful extension for Firefox users who experience accidental tab detaching in the browser. I think an option to put a timer on the detach operation would make it even more useful; allow the drag operation if it takes at least 1 second (or another value), otherwise move the dragged tab back to its original window. The feature would take make legitimate tab drag operations simpler when the extension is installed.
Now You: do you use one or multiple browser windows?
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